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Inrigo has undergone a significant transformation as a company. The starting point was PTM Production, which was established in 2008, where the business idea was to deliver prefabricated mechanical skids. it has since developed to become a market leader within water and waste, oil & gas and biogas industries delivering efficient and highly engineered but low-maintenance and easy to operate technologies.

In 2011, the name was changed to Inrigo AS and the subsidiary Inrigo Water AS was established to develop water and waste treatment technological solutions. When oil crisis hit Norway in autumn 2014, the decision was to make a practical and pragmatic "green shift" to focus on water and energy sectors. In 2015, Inrigo and Inrigo Water merged to develop a technology company that could embark on the major global challenges facing the world in terms of access to water and renewable energy. In order to further develop the company, it was necessary to establish a solid foothold in the Norwegian market. In 2017, the construction company STH Engineering AS was merged into Inrigo. STH Engineering had more than 30 years experience in the Norwegian water market.


Leading provider of sustainable, tailor-made, and scalable systems for the water and energy sector"National and global challenges are becoming increasingly complex which requires solutions that benefit the majority of the population affected by.

At the same time, there is considerable globalizationas which vastly increased international competition. The price levels are harmonizing internationally, meaning expertise and insight within custom tailored systems are required to surpass rivaling companies.

This means that we must be confident that our knowledge, experience, and values result in high quality and unique products which correspond to our client's demands and is in line with sustainable development.


Inrigo strives to become: “A leading global supplier of water and energy solutions.” This requires us to dare take on the world as our market area. If we are to succeed in this, Inrigo’s innovative power must trump the Norwegian cost level and high hourly rates. This involves close, flowing cooperation with academia and partners who are in favor of prioritizing experience and creativity. This commits Inrigo to invest resources on the development of our staff and our R&D projects. Becoming a leading supplier also entails the development of a culture, where high competence and new, innovating thinking meets audacity, and cultivate these positive traits.

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