Quality & Environmental Policy

Corporate quality policy

Quality in Inrigo is to create value for business, customers and community. The quality management of our products and services should ensure that customers ' needs and expectations are taken care of, while ensuring appropriate regulatory requirements. All employees are responsible for the quality of their own work and are to actively help deliver the product or service that the customer has ordered. The quality management will also contribute to improving Inrigo’s Professional and economic competitiveness, corporate culture and working environment. The quality system should help ensure that tasks are resolved effectively according to specified requirements and that they are done right the first time. Procedures and guidelines should describe work operations so that errors are prevented, effective control is ensured and correct quality is achieved. Development of the quality system should be a continuous process, with fixed procedures for discrepancy processing, quality revisions and management review.


Inrigo will facilitate the best environmentally friendly solutions in our projects and in our business. The business is to operate without harm to people and the environment. With our Environmental management system as a tool, Inrigo will continuously work to improve our environmental performance. We will increase knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among employees, as well as encourage environment-preserving initiative both individually and at the level of business. When purchasing resources, we will prioritize materials, products and energy that protect the environment and prevent contamination. We shall comply with current legislation and the company's internal environmental objectives, and actively publish information about our environmental program and results.

Certificates and approvals

EN - ISO 9001-2015
EN - ISO 14001-2015
EN - ISO 3834-2-2005
Central approval
for companies
HSE system in accordance
Joint Qualification System for the oil
and gas industry

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