Water Treatment - Storelva

  • Project Storelva Water Treatment Plant
  • Customer Senja Kommune

Senja is Norway's second largest island and is located in Troms and Finnmark counties. The island has an area of 1,589.35 km2 and just under 8,000 inhabitants. Fish farming and proces- sing is an important industry for the Island, and stable access to high quality water is crucial.

Storelva VBA in Senja the largest and newest drinking water treatment plant located on the island. The raw water source is a small lake that contains high concentrations of natural organic matter (NOM) that must be removed though enhanced treatment. The main treatment step consists of spiral wound nanofiltration membranes for removal of organic matter, emerging contaminants and microorganisms. The plant has a pretreatment system based on pressurized sand filtration and automatic micro screens for primary particle removal protection to protect the membranes.

The treatment plant produces a high-quality potable water, that also is used directly for a large food processing plant. The treatment train consisting of sand filtration, nanofiltration and UV disinfection ensures a very high hygienic barrier. The plant is designed and built with full redundancy.

The plant is dimensioned for a net daily production of potable water of 3120 m3 per day or an average production of 130 m3 per hour.

The plant is prepared for a doubling of the capacity to 6240 m3 per day.

The scope of this turnkey project included design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly including electrical automation and operational monitoring. The plant started the production on May 2022.

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