Waste Water Reuse

  • Project Canvasback Winery
  • Customer The West One Group LTD

Winery wastewater treatment is very important for the wine industry. Inrigo’s CEMBR container plant is designed to treat winery process wastewater.

The system is highly automated, and it is utilized with world leading ceramic membrane bioreactor technology for treatment and reuse of the wastewater. Its UV disinfection system removes pathogens to ensure the safety of reusable water.

Our plug and play wastewater treatment system is engineered for fast deployment and simple operation and maintenance. This system is cost-effective since it is pre-assembled, housed in a standard ISO shipping container. It is compact, with a small footprint and possibility of expansion. As all of the equipment are preinstalled and factory tested, onsite installation work is limited.

The pilot plant has been installed in Canvasback winery in Walla walla county, Washington state.

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