Office Pirsenteret, Trondheim Norway
Office Pirsenteret, Trondheim Norway

Inrigo AS is a partner for Water and Energy Solutions - world wide.

We deliver solutions that are applied on ships, in oil and gas installations, aquaculture, energy production and industrial plants, in addition to entire water supply facilities and facilities for cleansing of wastewater. We customise our products and apply module-based and scaleable systems in order to deliver the best solutions.

Inrigo AS is responsible for the whole implementation process, from project planning, design and construction, to procurement processes and production, as well as assembly of the chosen solution on site.

The company has, since the start in 2008, delivered solutions to the oil- and gas extraction industry in the North Sea. Since 2011 the company has also delivered solutions to other sectors.

Inrigo AS is part of the NCE Aquatech Cluster and Smart Water Cluster.

We have an excellent production facility in Vanvikan, near Trondheim, an office at Pirsenteret in Trondheim and an office in Yaounde, Cameroon.

The name ”Inrigo” stems from Latin and signifies handling and distributing liquid.

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Vanvikan Norway
Vanvikan Norway. 3000 m2 production facility and offices

Vanvikan Norway

Excellent production facility in Vanvikan, near Trondheim

In order to manufacture skids, production moduls etc we got topp skills and equipment to handle an extensive range of processes, such as;

  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Pipe & Tube Bending
  • Manual and robot Welding
  • Surface Treatment & Coating
  • Automation & Electrical Services
  • Assembly & Testing
  • Handling a wide range of materials, from carbon steel to high alloyd steel and titanium
Inrigo Africa Ltd.

Inrigo Africa Ltd.

Inrigo Africa with administration and laboratories in head-office in Yaounde, Cameroon. Project site offices in Meyomessala, Melong and Nkongsamba, Cameroon.

Our adventure - so far


  • Manufacturing of water treatment plants for Cameroon.
  • STH Engineering merges with Inrigo AS.

Becomes partner i NCE Aquatech – a world class aquatech cluster.

  • Contract signed with Camwater to deliver four water treatment plants to Cameroon. Finance from Export Credit Norway og GIEK in place i januar 2017.
  • Inrigo Ltd og Inrigo Water Ltd merge.

Contract to deliver chemical systems to the Norne field.

  • Name change to Inrigo AS (Ltd). The name stems from irrigare, which means handling liquids in Latin.
  • Becomes partner in the Arena-project and part of the Smart Water Cluster.
  • The subsidiary Inrigo water AS (Ltd) is founded to develop solutions within water & wastewater treatment.

Contract to deliver chemical injection systems for the Goliat platform.

Begins development project with Leksvik municipality. New waterworks in Vanvikan. First waterworks in Norway to make use of microfiltration in ceramic membranes.

PTM Production Ltd established.  Production and delivery of various skid-based solutions to Alfsen & Gundersen and Siemens.


In collaboration with our partners we aim to go beyond your expectations

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We strive to offer maximum added value to our customers

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Inrigo is QA and HSE certified

Appropriate technology tailored to local needs - with certified high quality

Norwegian Accreditation

EN - ISO 9001-2008
EN – ISO 14001 -2008
EN - ISO 3834-2 -2005
Certified Quality Assurance system

Standard Norge

HSE system in accordance with NORSOK is established and implemented

Achilles Jqs Qualified

Inrigo is registered in the Achilles Joint Qualification System for the oil and gas industry



    We challenge ourselves and our partners to deliver world leading knowledge and technology to our customers

Innovative solutions for water scarcity and water quality – 2014-2017

Innovative solutions for water scarcity and water quality – 2014-2017

Inrigo AS is one of the SME project partners in DESSIN.

Scientists, public and private water management organisations and end-users, technology providers (SMEs), support RTD experts and relevant public authorities within DESSIN testing and validation and demonstrate innovative solutions at five demo sites across Europe with a particular focus on urban areas. Inrigo’s contribution to DESSIN is to demonstrate a technology for point cleaning of overflow water from treatment plants and pipe systems for sewage handling. This is based on high-speed filtration (HRF) and adapted to the Nordic climate. Inrigo AS cooperated with Oslo municipality and was financially supported by SkatteFunn and by the 7. Framework programme for Research and Development in the EU.

Feasibility study – Future treatment plants for coastal sewage treatment – 2014

Feasibility study – Future treatment plants for coastal sewage treatment – 2014

Mapping needs and requirements linked to a future ’coastal sewage treatment technology’.

The technology is effective, cost optimal and adapted to the needs Norwegian municipalities and others will have for handling their emissions in the future. Inrigo AS cooperated with SINTEF and Leksvik municipality. The project received support from the VRI programme at the Research Council.

Micro-/Ultrafiltration for small water treatment plants – 2012-2014

Micro-/Ultrafiltration for small water treatment plants – 2012-2014

Developed compact water treatment technology for water plants with small production volumes.

The technology does not have any harmful effluents to the environment and is based on micro and ultra filtration. Inrigo cooperated with Rissa municipality and received support from SkatteFunn.

Purification of recycled water – 2012-2014

Purification of recycled water – 2012-2014

Developed, built and tested a prototype with advanced purification technology that combines the use of membranes, biology and oxidation (multistage MBR-AOP technology).

Tests that were done in cooperation with Trondheim municipality showed that 75-99% of micro-organic pollutants and trace-impurities in recycled wastewater were cleansed.  The technology provided a higher cleaning effect, required less space and used less energy than similar technologies. Inrigo AS collaborated with Normex AS, with support from SkatteFunn and the environmental technology scheme at Innovation Norway.

High quality reuse of grey water – 2012-2013

High quality reuse of grey water – 2012-2013

In collaboration with NTNU Inrigo AS implemented a Research and Development project whose main aim was to prepare a recommendation for the development of technology for cleansing of grey water for high quality reuse in so-called Smart Water systems.

The project received qualifying support from Regionalt Forskningsfond Midt-Norge (Norwegian regional research fund).